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casino in KuwaitKuwait is a very small but very rich country, but you don't find any landbased casino in Kuwait. There is only one city here, but it is a real city of the third millennium! Oriental luxury, futuristic buildings adjacent to mosques and oil rigs at every corner, the sea, beaches - all this attracts a lot of tourists.

Among the arriving tourists, there are many gamblers. Those who arrive here for the first time will definitely be disappointed - there is not a single casino in Kuwait, and any kind of gambling is prohibited here.

Casino in Kuwait

Gambling and Islam are not compatible concepts? Definitely yes. To designate gambling and entertainment in the Quran there is even a special apt word "Maisir", indicating the ease of getting money. According to Sharia, gambling refers to something from which you can make a profit or, conversely, lose money. This is the meaning of excitement: if you risk, you lose or you win. Any game based on hypotheses and chances is forbidden, and one where there are calculation and thinking is blessed.

Sports betting is Haram (sinful deeds), and a Muslim should not use the money earned in this way.

But there are certain exceptions when in the countries of the Arab world, some of the bets can be conditionally allowed - on the competitions allowed under Sharia. Among them: racing ahead of the curve on horses and camels, elephants, as well as shooting, auto rallies, sailing boats, kayaks, boats. For those who are used to traditional gambling, the only way out is an online casino in Kuwait.

How Kuwaiti residents cope with gambling restrictions

Online sports and betting are very popular with Arab players, but there are very few bookmaker sites in this language. Currently, many international bookmakers have entered the Arab market to help meet the demand of all comers. Through these online platforms, Arab bettors place bets on their favorite soccer teams, horse races, and other sports.

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